I lift things up, and put them down…

Don’t know if I can compare myself physically to the muscle brute currently being used in the Planet Fitness commercial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-cpojkILO0, well okay, I certainly CAN’T even come close physically… however I can relate on a “priority” level. I always seem to have a brain burst of an idea and I PLAN on executing it, then I get lazy and find it much easier to go online to look at John Travolta’s new baby, Britney Spears latest video or oh yeah… gay computer porn. SURPRISE!

Anyway… I thought I’d try picking up this blogging thing again from 2 years ago. Why? What the hell do I have to say that anyone would subcribe to, let alone read? EVERYone has a blog. Hell I don’t even have time to read all my friend’s blogs! Why would I want to create even MORE meaningless chatter about the drive to work, my toilet habits, or what I had for dinner?

Then I thought… how many older, divorced, bisexual, fathers who are in an interracial relationship do I know? The answer was ONE. So, here goes kids… enjoy, comment, ignore.  Hopefully I can keep it “lite”, spontaneous, grammatically correct and FILLED with inspiration… LMFAO!


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One response to “I lift things up, and put them down…

  1. I STILL haven’t found another child of a gay father in this wide, wide world…save my siblings, of course! Can’t get a more eclectic mix than that, and it’s one certainly worthy of sharing with the world! 🙂

    PS. You’ve set the bar high by stating it will be grammatically correct. You’re unleashing my inner grammar Nazi…
    PPS. Put us in your links, and we will do the same!

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