Squeezing the relationship orange…

So last night I was thinking on the drive home from work that my relationship with Daryl… NEEDED something more. We NEEDED to squeeze a little juice from the perverbial relationship ya know? It’s not like we’re STAGNANT, or BORING, or have that six year itch… it’s just MY opinion that we need to get a little more out of US.

I think what brought this on was the other night, we were in bed and BOTH of us were on our iphones next to each other and we’re playing Bejeweled Blitz. WTF? It seems to have developed into a nightly obsession with this stupid online game where you have to line up three gems, get ’em to explode, get points, multipliers, etc, etc… OMG, I AM obsessed! We watch WAY too much TV and we cruise more computer websites than each other!

So I got to thinkin’ that BEFORE this turns onto an issue, let’s figure out something we can do “as a couple” that’s not technology driven causing us to “tune out” of the relationship. So we talked about possibly going for walks together but vetoed that immediately because, I mean, cumon… it’s frickin’ COLD out! Sheesh. So we chatted some more and talked about going to the gym again (if I remember where my gym ID card is, or worse WHERE the gym is!), we chatted about having a bored (mispelling intentional) game night, perhaps reading together, or just plain makin’ it a SEX night (with each other, not solo)!

After our discussion, Daryl, in his infinite “school teacher-like ways” decided that we need to get a hard copy calendar, so that we can “schedule” these relationship-building events. And since I’m off today, I’ll be the one to pick it out. I’d figure I’d just roll that into my short list of errands for the day…

Well I forgot to get it during my round of errands. Maybe if I’d have had a calandar with me to remind me to pick one up?


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