not tonight honey… I have a headache…

…SEVEN words gay men RARELY hear. At least according to straight men.

I had a coworker ask me once (we have ALOT of down time at work), “being gay, you and Daryl MUST have sex ALL the time, right? I mean with guys, NO ONE ever gets a headache, and you must be horny ALL the time… not to mention ALL the orgies and leather and such right?”

Sigh. Let me adjust my crotch…

Yes, my straight friends. We actually go through CASES of “pur’ (the “gay” version of KY). We actually have a “sex calendar” app on our iphones specifically linked into the gay network so we can locate all of the orgies within a 35 miles radius. Any fantasy is made reality by being gay. It’s downright tiring.

With all this sex and switching partners, we rarely have time to eat. The constant partying, drag shows, assorted bear weekends at the “optional clothing” campgrounds and late night dancing, it’s a miracle I can even participate at my job.

Daryl and I have a wonderful relationship, and honestly, it’s not a whole lot different than a relationship between Barbie and Ken. We prefer not to be completely identified by our sexual preference but more by who we are as just guys… just people. Do we go through dry spells with our sex lives? Well… no. But that’s beside the point. Do we get headaches? Absolutely! Do we use sex as a way to play games with our relationship? Totally not. Unless it’s that role playing thing we try every now and then…



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2 responses to “not tonight honey… I have a headache…

  1. cathy

    just an fyi…. Barbie and Ken don’t have genitals- or even nipples- so they might not be the best choice for “generic straight couple” 🙂

    • tryined

      LOL Cathy… perhaps I should have used a different, more anatomically correct couple since the topic WAS somewhat sex related. I rarely think things through. Suggestions? (sidebar: no nipples? SMH) : )

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