put that toilet seat UP!

One would THINK that one of the MANY advantages of two men living together would be that the toilet seat NEVER has to be down! I was abruptly awakened early in my relationship with Daryl one night in the wee small hours of the morning when I went to pee without a light on. One of the sounds a guy doesn’t like to hear at that hour while peeing in the dark is… silence. In other words, we SHOULD hear the sound of our stream hitting water. This night I heard silence. PANIC. Trying to shut it off while going full tilt is, well… you know.  

THE SEAT WAS DOWN! What the hell? I mean, I know Daryl grew up with sisters and his Mom, so he was TRAINED to put the seat down, but the whole thing…lid and all? I remember growing up with MY Mom taping notes to the toilet on pretty stationery with butterflies on it that read: “Please put the seat down. Love, Mom oxox.” My brothers and I TRIED to cheat. In other words, we would leave the seat down but still stand and pee… sort of like a challenge or target practice. It didn’t work. I remember thinking what was the big deal until one time, I had to use the seat and it was up and I almost fell in. Another time I sat on a… er… um WET seat. I got it! I finally GOT it.

Needless to say, I thought that living with another guy would eliminate (pun intended) the problem altogether. No such luck. I STILL get confused.


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