Clean up in Aisle 10…

Recently, I thought I was shopping in the produce aisle… as it turned out, it was shampoo.

Remember the “good ol’ days” when you went to the supermarket and the shampoo section (it certainly wasn’t a full aisle) had 3 selections of shampoo and maybe 2 conditioning products? I’m not sure what happened in the last several years (hint: marketing), but why must EVERYthing have a flavor now? Avacado-pear, Lemon-fresh, and Rosemary-mint are NOT things you eat anymore… AND why must they be food related? Aren’t we already a nation struggling with obesity? Obsessed with diets? All I wanted to do was get something to wash my hair and I ingested 600 calories perusing the aisle!

Want to wash your clothes? Ocean breeze, Spring Fresh and new and improved April Rain assault you in aisle 10. Imagine our forefathers… okay foremothers beating clothes on rocks at the local river wondering if the day would ever come when they could actually SHOP for the experience.

Deodorants aren’t so much a cover-up these days as a Zen-like experience. Jasmine Orient, Freshwater Orchid and well… Clinical Strength line the shelves in packaging that resembles anything but something you’d put under your arm.

Now that I think about it, I would guess that most of these products are geared toward the grocery store shopping female. I would think it wise for the marketing focus groups to test some of these flavors on men. I can envision bacon scented Tide. Imagine the chores husbands would be ADDICTED to! Beer scented Dawn? Cigar scented Windex? The possibilities are endless…



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2 responses to “Clean up in Aisle 10…

  1. Have you seen the new Kotex (*cough* Kimberly-Clark…blech) that-time-of-the-month supplies? If I were a man, I would be totally comfortable buying those “Web 2.0” style things for my lady!

  2. I laughed so hard I almost cried… You’re so funny! Beacon scented Tide…priceless!

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