I’m telling on you…

One day several years ago, I was standing in the check out line at a local Kmart behind a young mother and her daughter (about 6 or 7 years old I’d guess). I witnessed the following conversation…

6 year old child grabbing at a candy bar at the check out line rack: “Mommy, I want this.”

Mother: “No, honey, not right now, we’re going to have lunch soon.”

Child (more urgently now): “Mommy, I WANT this!”

Mother (slightly frustrated tone): “Sweetie, I told you, no.”

Child (determined): “Mommy, I LOVE this and I WANT it NOW!”

Mother (loosing patience): “Honey, put that back NOW!”

Child (louder): “Mommy, if you don’t let me have this, I am going to tell Grandmom that I saw Daddy put his PeePee in your mouth.”

Mother (looking at me AND saying to the cashier): “We’ll take one of these candy bars too.”


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