Afro Puffs.

So after about a week give or take… a week, I had noticed that Daryl was no longer shaving his head. Now he’s done that before. He’s gone a few days without doing it and to be honest I don’t know HOW he does the shaving thing in the first place. Once he actually shaved a CHUNK from his scalp that bled for hours and I SWORE I could see his skull throbbing! (hehe, not really, but that sounded really SAW 3-like). Personally, I have a hard enough time shaving under my lip. It just takes too much time and the older I get the LESS maintenance I want to require (although, I think it’s working in reverse). I digress.

ANYway… like I said, he’s gone without shaving before, but this time I can actually see “fuzz” growing on his scalp. Not just a shadow, but real honest to goodness FUZZ! As an added bonus, it’s got some beautiful gray on the sides as well and it feels like the crewcut hair that GI-Joe used to have in the 60’s.

So I asked Daryl in my caring, loving way, “I see you’re not shaving your head. What’s with that?” He smiled kindly… almost devilishly… grinned and said, “I’m going to grow AFRO PUFFS.” I stared blankly at him and immediately typed “Afro Puffs” into my phone’s GOOGLE app.

Being an interracial couple, Daryl and I STILL have ethnicity “hurdles.” It’s taken me six years to learn that there is no such thing as “colored pencils, colored lights and I’m STILL unclear on when the “FLESH” tone crayon from Crayola was removed from the box of 64. On the other hand, I continue to explain to the Durnell family that we don’t use the “C” word in my presence. Only Crackers can call Crackers, Crackers. And not all Irish men drink all the time (shit… looking at my FaceBook status for the past six months totally disputes that).

I just figured that the “Afro Puff” was yet another ethnic food that I would get to try like collard greens or jello or something. So I continued my research and lo and behold I found a few photos on what these things were. After my initial reaction of “you’re fucking kidding right?,” I decided that there MUST be a few advantages to having a boyfriend with AFRO PUFFS.

I guess I’ll be able to buy him colored, er, African American ribbons to tie them with as birthday gifts. HANDLES! Yeah I could use them as handles for um… for er… STEERING? Imagine how BUTCH they will look! Almost gansta (do I capitalize gansta? Yet ANOTHER interracial hurdle). Daryl would need a new name. I can see “Daryl Dee” or “Puff Daddy Dee” or even  ‘Fiddle Dee Dee!’ Next thing you know, he’ll be wantin’ to low ride his pants as well.


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  1. Christine

    You are an amazing writer. Thanks for the morning smiles.

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