Dog poop is not sexy.

I’ve lived in a loft center city, I’ve lived in a rural historic village in the country, I’ve lived in a row home, and I’ve lived in a cookie-cutter development in the outskirts of suburbia. Throughout all of these residences, there has been man’s best friend the DOG. Either mine OR someone else’s.

Love ‘em. REALLY I do. Daryl and I don’t have one currently because we just don’t think it would be fair with our schedules to give it enough attention and time… and I personally don’t want to come home at the end of the day to take it outside. The cute and cuddly payoff just isn’t working for me at this phase of my life.

When you DON’T have a dog, you seem to notice a little more about OTHERS who DO. I actually don’t recognize individual people in our development if I don’t see them WITH their pooch. It’s like they’re a “couple.”

To tell you the truth, on mornings like this when it’s very cold and somewhat icy… I’m SO glad I don’t have to throw on a pair of sweats, a coat, hat, gloves, scarves, shoes and sunglasses so I can take the dog out to “do its business.” Granted, if you have a fenced-in yard, you’re gold. A daily or weekly shovel run and no one is the wiser. City and condo living, on the other hand, give new meaning to dog poop control.

How graceful is it to watch a 20-something woman, dressed to the hilt with 4 to 5 inch killer pumps, bending over with a clear bag no less, picking up a pile of shit? I know, I know… it’s daily living, and at least she IS picking it up unlike so many who “forget,” but I have yet to see ANYone look “cute” picking up after their pooch; and the fact that you have to carry the little  bag with you while chit chatting with the other dog owner neighbors is just not hot. Flipping the bag around in circles, flirting with the hunky guy with the Pit Bull who has an even larger bag of it tied around his waist.

Do I have a solution for this “pet peeve” of mine? Not really. Just remember the next time you’re bending over clawing at a fresh, steaming pile of crap that SOMEone is watching and SMH.  : )


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