Week three…

…of blogging, I am beginning to over-analyze and wonder what my “purpose” truly IS for this writing and interactive exercise. I started this blog because, well because it just started coming, and flowing, and with my Dad passing recently, he told me to never shut up, to always push a little harder and stay a little longer. I don’t really offer advice or theory in my blog. Philosophical epiphanies elude me most times. I’m too simple for that. I’ve begun reading other blogs almost obsessively; trying to find out which ones I GET something from, which ones I like or conversely which ones are too “esoteric” for me.

I wonder what I’d like you to get from my keyboard ramblings. Wondering will you read, will you enjoy, dissect, judge or just imagine a quick ride into the lives of Daryl and me. I start by having a thought of something simple, something “everyday” and then I try to describe it in a way that gives simplistic life a twist… a perspective with a sense of sarcastic humor. It forces ME to take another look at how funny life is every single day.

I can’t stop now. It’s too therapeutic for me… even if you don’t listen, or don’t really care what I have to say… I have to continue. Hopefully one or two of my thoughts will lie upon your mind and perhaps seep into your heart, or slip through your belly and make you giggle alone or smile and think, “yeah… me too.”

I promise that I’ll continue to be creative, simple, controversial, inane, silly, over dramatic, emotional and downright crude at times. I promise you will always get MY truth for I don’t know anything else. Bear with me when I hop on soapboxes and understand when my emotions get the best of me or I lay my frustrations at your feet.

At the end of the day, EVERY day, I like to look back in retrospect to see what thoughts I can leave behind and which ideas I can bring with me to tomorrow’s dawn, God willing. Peace to you and thanks again for coming along with me on this ride.


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