Size does matter.

I have a relatively small amount by today’s standards of 198 FaceBook Friends… but size doesn’t matter, does it?

I have seen some of these Friends with lists in the hundreds… some even touching the thousand mark! Really?  I’d like to think that my “Friends” on here somewhat emulate how many I have in real life. Ratio wise anyway. I count relationships pretty far up on my life’s priority list… which is why I thought it time to evaluate my FaceBook Friends.

I remember when my partner, Daryl, and I first joined FaceBook a few years back so we could stay in touch with a few relatives; we actually had a competition to see who could “rack up” the most “friends.”  He quickly won.  I’ve learned that African Americans are like that… they REALLY stick together. I actually contemplated attending therapy in order to evaluate WHY I couldn’t gather more! What was I doing wrong?  At LIVE social functions, I’d introduce myself and quickly follow up with, “are you on FaceBook?”  I searched my high school page and after trying to figure out WHY everyone else looked so much older than me (right), I’d FRIEND them immediately to play catch up on three million years. Old jobs which were once “careers” found several wonderful folks I never thought I’d hear from again. I even started recruiting second and third cousins four times removed. I probably pumped up my list artificially, but it was GROWING.  I was on top of the FaceBook World!!

That is until the statusii (status plural) started rolling in by the minute. I REALLY didn’t care what farms you were growing or Mafia’s you were killing… religious and political beliefs were spinning wildly out of control… photos of children and dogs, cats, snakes, and stink bugs monopolized my computer screen, not to mention moments of inebriation and semi-nudity and the occasional public breakup!

 THEN it happened. I got the poop status. You know… the one where someone has to share that they pooped and what color it was, and what letter shape it was before being flushed into oblivion.

SIGH. I have to purge.



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2 responses to “Size does matter.

  1. Cathy

    Hope my flying horse with the naked dude riding it doesn’t make you boot me!

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