I hate meatloaf.

For the record, I hate meatloaf. Always have. Not the rock singer… the “dish.” Just the concept of a “loaf of meat” sends a shiver up my spine. I’m not sure if it’s the ground beef, the catsup thing or just the thought of mixing a raw egg with it is just NOT appealing to me.

When my Mom used to make it for family dinner when I was little, I ate bread instead with butter on it and sprinkled with sugar washing it down with milk. I couldn’t stand the smell of meatloaf cooking or when it came out of the oven. I had it on my list of “food that makes me gag” for years, along with mashed potatoes (which I’ve grown to love), pizza (which has grown to love my waistline) and beer (which is well… a favorite of mine and self-explanatory).

That being said, Daryl LOVES meatloaf (actually, I have YET to find anyone else who DOESN’T like it). It’s one of his favorites. He enjoys his Mom’s meatloaf very much.

I’ve never made meatloaf. Tonight that changes. I found a recipe that got good reviews on AboutRecipes.com.

Wish me luck.



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5 responses to “I hate meatloaf.

  1. I thought I was the only one in the anti-meatloaf group!!! Best of luck tonight

  2. Ed i.am.Williams

    …and it’s JUST like I remember! It stinks cooking in the oven. I just better get lucky with this. LOL

  3. Daryl

    It was AWESOME!!!
    Love, Peppah!

  4. Eww. Minced beef, egg, and bread with onion and tomatoes in a hard, dry, brick form? No thanks! Glad D liked it, though. My man made it once, I did not allow a repeat performance. Did you?

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