I miss green.

I feel like I want to eat grass.

Not the kind you put in a pipe to smoke… I want the kind that you can smell when it’s cut. I want the green kind of grass that you can run through in your bare feet. You know, the kind that cows eat.

This winter has been brutal. LAST winter was equally as mean. There has been way too much snow, freezing precipitation and sleet. I’ve just about had it…make that I HAVE had it with the cold and snow. I haven’t seen the ground since the third week of December and it’s getting real old.

I’m tired of slipping and sledding and scraping and sliding. I need some sun and sand and summer and several umbrella dotted cocktails that start with “S!” (Blog readers, chime in at any time…)

Daryl and I STILL did not purchase true “winter coats” this year. We call it winter weather denial. We eked by this winter, once again with these fleece hoodies we got on sale at J.C.Penneys a year or so ago for about $5 each with the employee discount. They’ve actually worked out pretty well. Maybe it’s because we’ve developed some hibernation fat this year. I wonder why I have 5 or 6 pairs of gloves. I think it’s one of those Christmas gifts that you get when you’re one of those people who others claim are “so hard to buy for.”

I wonder what the weather people… uh excuse me… “Meteorologists” will talk about come April and May… “Yes, folks, yet ANOTHER warm, breezy day with temperatures in the low 70’s and no end in sight.”

Can’t wait.



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4 responses to “I miss green.

  1. Serena Davis

    Nicely said! Only a few more painful weaks of this bitterness.

  2. Terri Wood

    Well put! I also am so sick of this weather!! The snow really needs to melt already. I can’t rember the last time it has stuck around so long. I get through these depressing days by looking at garden magazines, planning what I want to do in the garden this year and looking at all my garden photos…..

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