I wasn’t thinking!

Daryl bought a new battery operated toothbrush last week and neglected to ask ME if I could use one. Selfish I know, but at least he got HIS.  ; P

I certainly noticed the new one in our joint brush holder, but I didn’t notice the type or color, so when I went to the grocery store on my day off, I decided to get a toothbrush for myself.

After perusing the toothbrush aisle (yes, once again, I am floored that when I was little, there were two brush options and maybe six color choices including Harvest Gold and Early-American Olive), and without thinking (the FIRST time), I immediately grabbed the PURPLE “Spin Brush” by Oral-B for $24, Crazy price I know, but I guess because the batteries were included and I didn’t do my coupon research, I was sold. This point was further hit home as I scanned the toothbrush with my toilet “wipes” and package of raspberries at the Self-Checkout and the speaker SHOUTS “twenty four” almost as a question as if to mock me for spending so much for a toothbrush.

Once I arrived home with my bag, I took out the toothbrush and tore through the packaging (well, I didn’t actually TEAR through it. It was SO shrink-wrapped that I cut myself using a pair of scissors to break into this pretty piece of marketing. Side note: they should use these packages to protect airplanes. Should they crash there would be NO deaths or injuries at all, except maybe to the ground people below).

I immediately threw out my old toothbrush and plopped my new one next to Daryl’s at once realizing that they were the same. Not EXACTLY the same, mind you, but close enough that in the slumber of morning preparation I would certainly grab the first purple thing I found and stick it in my mouth (um… I certainly did NOT mean for this story to take THAT kind of twist!).

So without thinking (the SECOND time), I grabbed a “Sharpie” pen and colored the base of my toothbrush to make it look different than Daryl’s. What I did NOT do was notice the pen color and it was RED. Now my toothbrush looks like there is blood on it! God help us should we have visitors that use the bathroom and see a bloody toothbrush. Sigh. Wonder if I should spend another $24 bucks?



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2 responses to “I wasn’t thinking!

  1. Cinnamon Mccoy

    Ahahahahaha!! Ed your priceless!!!
    You might have to spend another $24.

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