unknown lover…

someday we’ll meet
now blind to see
the we in me
i know we’ll live tomorrow

so time can show
as lovers know
where we can go
within our hearts true love

as you and i
will grasp our sky
beyond the whys and hows of love
together as we embrace

to feel
such secret dark night dance
becoming real as light
our unseen souls to flood

fate may tempt our journey
sweet one of mine
as we will find a way
to be.



Filed under Poetry

3 responses to “unknown lover…

  1. Cinnamon Mccoy

    I Love this poem!!!
    Who knew you were so talented…

    • Ed Williams

      Dear Cinnamon (my most favorite responder!),
      Your comments ALWAYS make my day. I LOVE the fact that you can find humor in something I can type into the computer. Thanks for reading and thanks for putting up with me and my stupid customers at work. oxoxox

  2. christine

    Very nice Ed. Daryl is one lucky guy. We really missed you two on Sunday.

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