a sticky keyboard.

What’s wrong with the “P” on my keyboard?

Recently I’ve noticed that as I’m typing, the letter “P” on my keyboard sometimes doesn’t register. For me that spells disaster.

I’ve tried to figure out what’s under the key that could be causing the problem. Maybe it’s some random crumb of Butterscotch Krimpet or perhaps a piece of toast? I’ve noticed more cat hair than usual on the keyboard since the cat thinks it’s a great place to lay, maybe its that?

Maybe its Gods way of punishing me for watching online porn, or he’s trying to tell me to use the word penis less. MAYBE he’s trying to teach me patience so I don’t get frustrated trying to pound the key two or three times to get it to work.

I must figure this out since its totally distracting when I’m on a creative roll. I think I’ll visit a Best Buy to get one of those “keyboard blowers.” Lucky keyboard.

: )



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2 responses to “a sticky keyboard.

  1. OMG you mentioned TastyKakes. I’m following you, now.

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