37 posts, 16,788 words and 1,844 hits later…

It’s been a month of DAILY blogging and I really don’t know if anyone is still reading. I want to retract that. I KNOW people are reading, I just wish there was more interaction. Sure, I get “statistic” reports on how many “hits” my blog gets. These stats sometimes show the “links” from other blog sites but they NEVER show who is actually reading. My average daily hits are around 45 to 50 with my record day being 150 hits toward the end of January (I think it was a heavy snow day with tons of snowbound people who had nothing better to do than be on the computer). These statistics are just that… statistics.

I read on another blog that there are what are called “ghost readers.” I’ve also heard to them referred to as “lurkers.” Folks who read but don’t comment, rate or subscribe for fear of someone finding out that they’re reading. I would say that’s like masturbating with gloves. You’re THERE, but you’re not really THERE (probably not the BEST analogy, because I have known friends that actually LIKE the gloves thing).

My biggest fear is that someone reads my blog ONCE, thinks its garbage and never gives it a try again. Wait… my biggest fear is that I’m OVER-posting and people are getting tired and bored of my random quips. WAIT… my biggest fear is that I’ve offended someone with some sexual preference scenario or curse word… sigh… I have many fears.

I’ve been out in many public scenarios in the past month and have had folks make comments to me about reading my blog. I have a few groupies who I’m hoping want to have a hot threeway with Daryl and me (you know who you are), and I even had someone say I was “wicked” and of course there’s my oldest daughter, Ashley, who I’m STILL not sure if she’s embarrassed (note her NAME in the Blog) or proud of her “technologically astute” Dad who has an iphone AND a daily blog.

I’m wondering if after a month of typing daily, my blogging has become less of a personal therapy and more of some sick egotistical commitment. Have I felt compelled to continue to write about mundane aspects of my life and the lives of those around me just so I can check my blog stats graph? Is what I have to say even relevant or just rant?


I LOVE the writing. I LOVE putting it out there in a very public way. I LOVE being able to TRY to put daily issues in an honest perspective for myself. I  attempt to give you an image if that’s possible. I wish there were more interaction, more commenting and more rating. I would LOVE some critique! Thanks again for reading!




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10 responses to “37 posts, 16,788 words and 1,844 hits later…

  1. Gene

    I enjoy reading primarily because it’s nice knowing the author of a well written blog. It is professionally done allowing me to enjoy the blog without critiquing the punctuation and sentence structure.
    I do feel, however, that you should not feel the pressure of having to produce every day. Quality not quantity is always best.
    I am a fan as I mentioned to you previously and support your efforts. Your candidness is simply a reflection of your style and should not be compromised in favor of statistical orgasms. Get off on doing you! I’ll be watching.

    • Ed Williams

      Dear Mr. Is**c…
      Statistical orgasms? I never really thought of it that way, but I can certainly relate and will more than likely blog on that concept one day. Beware. Cum to think of it, I guess one could say that personal blogging IS in fact, some sort of emotional exhibitionism. That “sort of” DOES get me off, so to speak (almost as much as the voyueristic reader).
      That being said, I had no idea you were reading while checking for punctuation and sentence structure. I typically write on the fly with very little “editing” save a quick spell check scan, so hopefully, I won’t dissappoint you in the future with using “their” instead of “they’re”… the pressure is on.
      Addressing the quality vs. quantity aspect, perhaps I will dilute it down to a post per week in the near future, but for now I feel like a verbage virgin who just learned how good it feels to emotionally explode on the keyboard… and I’m a blog whore.
      Know that I honestly respect your opinion, and continue to watch you closely (read:stalk) on the sales floor. As a matter of fact I MAY even decide to run a blog on YOU some day soon. You may even warrant a two-pager. ; )
      THANKS again.

  2. christine

    I read every one of your blogs Ed. I love your writing. Don;t akways have time to respond but I do enjoy them.

    • Ed Williams

      Ahhh Christine…
      Thanks SO much for responding. It’s amazing to have someone read who truly KNOWS the ins and outs of being over 50 (sorry if I outted you), working all the time, trying to balance life with family while making sure LOVE is at the forefront of life. I appreciated that.
      Sorry we missed you at Ricks on Sunday, but I KNOW that we will have more opportunities to get together in the future!

  3. Oh Ed!!! How I love reading your blog!!! Today it has really hit home because I wonder the EXACT same things. Are people reading? Are they annoyed by me? etc. I wish for the exact things, more followers, more comments, more interaction etc. All I can say is you were given a gift, gift to write and a gift with words. Keep doing what your doing!!!

    • Ed Williams

      Dear Miss Stacy…
      I SO appreciate YOUR feedback. I am “inspired” by YOUR blog and the true youth and enthusiam in its message(s). Your blog made me THINK as to what “tone” I wanted mine to take. To think that two people with such different “takes” on life and in such different “places” in life can have the same insecurities, hopes, dreams and desires to continue to write is very special. THANKS for reading.

  4. Mary W

    Hey Uncle Ed!!!

  5. Ha! I’m totally new to blogging, so when I comment a million times (like I have tonight on your blog) I feel more like a stalker! Since I started I have massive guilt for not commenting on friends’ blogs, though- I had no idea how important it is. Yes, you write for yourself, but how fabulous to know that someone is out there! That said, I need to go yell at my sister for not giving me feedback 🙂

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