sweet madness!

What IS it about Starburst Jellybeans that makes them so addicting? I TRY to just take one small handful and move on. Perhaps, it’s because the bag says “real fruit juice” at the bottom.

Daryl and I are “charmed” by many “snack-foods” and assorted candies. We actually thought about researching and possibly enrolling in a 12-step program for sugar withdrawal once, but that was before the TWO pound bag of “Twizzlers” was invented, with a zip lock “keep ‘em fresh” package no less.

When I go grocery/snack shopping, I tend to break it into TWO categories: the first one is when I have my list, I’m organized, well fed and calm. On that trip I get tons of fresh produce, fish, chicken, and turkey. Low fat and NO fat treats are the boxes and bags of choice. It’s a no-brainer!

Speaking of no brains, my SECOND category of grocery shopping is what I like to refer to as the “junk food extravaganza.” It usually occurs on my way home from work after a 12-hour day of listening to customers and other salespeople tell me about the laundry they have to fold or the plants that they have to water at home. I’m more than likely famished and over-tired as I drive listening to the eat, I mean BEAT of my ipod. This trip to the local ACME usually results in a cart filled with everything from Cheetos to Fritos and Tostitos. The cookie aisle looks like the yellow brick road to the Emerald City of OZ to me and the ice cream freezers want to RE- introduce me to Ben and Jerry’s latest confectionary concoction. I WILL undoubtedly throw a six-pack of apples and a quart of low fat milk in the basket, just so I  make other late night shoppers who glance with concerned expressions at my choices, assume that I am SURELY shopping for a “roomate” who binges.

Once I’ve escaped this glucose and corn syrup supermarket of sugar-filled shame, I get home only to realize that Daryl was trying to help me out by doing HIS version of picking up a few things at the market too! I’m left wondering exactly how long it will take us to consume FOUR pounds of Twizzlers and all this “real fruit juice?”



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3 responses to “sweet madness!

  1. You had me at two pound bag of twizzlers. If you ever find a way to kick the habit let me know. I just calculated that I’ve eaten over 7 lbs of peanut m&m’s in the past five months. It’s sickening.

    • Ed Williams

      LOL! Don’t EVEN get me started on peanut M&M’s! I used to actually think that they were one of the four food groups. Enjoy your day and thank you very much for reading!

  2. ed that was great, because i can identify with this i am crazy over the thin mints with cream in side. i cant go in walgreens without picking up a box. it is automatic.

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