Daryl, just read the damn blog!

Daryl asked me the other night if I had heard from Ashley and Quintin yet (my daughter and new husband who left last week for their conservation based “extended honeymoon” in Australia and New Zealand for about 10 months), to which I replied, “Just read my blog!”

He doesn’t read. Period. I’ve been in this relationship with the man 6 years and I have seen him with a hard-covered book twice. One of those he’s been “reading” for the six years I’ve known him. His periodical of choice is “Soap Opera Digest.” Sigh. At least he’s cute.

If the man wants to know if I went food shopping? Read my blog and he’ll know not only did I go food shopping, but where I shopped, what time I went, where I parked, what I had for lunch, and which hand I scratched my ass with while trying to decide what to get for dinner!

Come on Daryl! It’s EASY!

Want to know if I’m in a great mood and you’re going to “get lucky?” BLOG.

Want to know how my work day went? BLOG.

My favorite color? BLOG. BLOG. BLOG.

Sheesh. One would THINK communication would be EASY in this relationship.



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2 responses to “Daryl, just read the damn blog!

  1. Erica

    Ha. I think I’m contributing to this by providing him with bi-weekly Soaps In Depth….

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