The DVR and LL Cool J are gifts from God

What the hell did we do before the DVR (Digital Video Recorder)? Daryl and I are currently “renting” our DVR from Comcast. We had heard about DVR’s a few years back from other folks who were already tossing video cassettes by the hundreds to “record” their favorites shows to watch at will.

Our schedules are fairly opposite (read: perfect relationship) and while we definitely have our own individual tastes in television favorites, we also have many common shows that we like to watch together.

For example, General Hospital is DVR’d. No longer do we have to stay up until 10 p.m. to watch it on Soap Net. We record and watch it daily. It is erased ONLY in emergency situations where we need space on the DVR. We STILL have the second wedding of Luke and Laura taped when Laura came out of her coma stupor for a ratings sweep a few years back (at least I THINK we still have that on the DVR… sometimes I am technologically challenged and when I’m cleaning things out I erase them without knowing it). Other well kept (I hope) episodes include the death (then the ghost) of Emily Quartermaine and the Metro Court hostage drama and subsequent explosion where Jerry Jax was “discovered” and looked NOTHING like the original apparently because he had plastic surgery…

Other shows we like to record include Oprah Winfrey’s “last season,” Castle, Modern Family (which Daryl will watch a minimum of 10 times per episode) and tons of Will and Grace reruns. Our list of intellectual recordings include… um… shit… I can’t think of any of those off-hand. Does “Survivor” count? I DID record an episode of a 20/20 show on the negative effects of living in a Mexican drug lord’s cartel once by mistake.

We LOVE the fast forward feature of the DVR. Commercials be gone (unless it’s the Old Spice guy who is absolutely adorable, and personally, I love the E-trade babies). I particularly enjoy fast forwarding through the seven trillion Raymour & Flanigan ads per minute.

Having a slow motion and stop pause feature on our DVR is an incredible bonus to use when the “Bachelor” comes out of the swimming pool in Vegas or when L.L.Cool J smiles on NCIS Los Angeles. We also use it continuously for snack and bathroom breaks during our TV marathons.

Occasionally, we have to clean out old shows to get additional space for recording. I will typically find the shows that Daryl likes to record that I consider fluff and ridiculous, and then I tell him that Comcast MUST have messed up our DVR during the last power outage. I’ll continue to drone on about how maybe we should just try to re-evaluate our cable needs and he glazes over, smiles and asks what’s for dinner.


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