It’s just like “The Jetsons!”

Daryl and I JUST got off the computer from SKYPING with Ash and Quintin from Cairns, Australia. We were on with them for about 15 minutes I’d guess. After we “hung up,” Daryl squealed (in a very masculine voice), “It’s just like the Jetsons!” and to tell you the truth, it IS.

It didn’t cost either of us a dime to view each other in real time on computer screens from halfway around the world. SKYPE is used by families in the military and Oprah Winfrey all the time. That’s a techno-miracle to us!

Our “world conquerors” look GREAT, albeit a little tired. Ashley was slightly frustrated that the conservation projects to date aren’t a little more organized, but overall they are pleased with the progress of planting 4500 trees at the Atherton Tablelands – connecting a broken corridor between remnant forests and the world heritage wet tropics rainforest. They’ve also experienced feeding a platypus and staying overnight in a rustic cabin in the forest.

How cool is that?

This weekend, they will be heading further into Australia via Townsville, which is 5 hours south of Cairns and the center of Cyclone Yasi’s wrath, for some additional conservation work. CLICK HERE to see more!

Good luck Ash and Quintin! We miss you and look forward to hearing more from you!



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2 responses to “It’s just like “The Jetsons!”

  1. Joyce

    That is wonderful Ed! So many people I know use SKYPE and said it is so cool. I have yet moved to even getting a cam for my computer. I guess I don’t want anyone to see me as I look like at home! LOL

    • Silly Joyce…
      I’m sure you are stunning at home.
      I first used SKYPE a few years ago when my youngest daughter moved to VT for Culinary School. It was GREAT!
      Thanks as always for reading!

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