I did NOT have a conniption!



  • a bad tantrum. Also “conniption fit”. One “has” a conniption or conniption fit.

He had a conniption over the dent in the car.

Lucille: Oh, here comes the 10:15 conniption, right on time. Honest to God, Buster, it’s like every little thing makes you seize up in terror lately.

— “My Mother, the Car”, Arrested Development (TV), Season 1 Episode 8

See more words meaning: to become angry, go crazy, freak out


Out of the blue, as a teaser for “The Bachelor” finale was showing on TV last night, Daryl (who knows I’m not crazy about the show) told me not to have a conniption and he would change the channel.

Three things that are very wrong with that request:

1. I didn’t know how to spell conniption, to look up what it actually meant.

2. Nobody even USES that word anymore, do they? I questioned Daryl on the word’s origin to which he threw out his typical “It’s a Black thing.” Sigh.

3. I don’t HAVE conniptions dammit!



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2 responses to “I did NOT have a conniption!

  1. I’m white and 40, and I use that word quite often! Admittedly it came from my mother, who was born & partially raised in Pennsylvania. It’s a great word, almost onomatopoedic. I’m pretty sure when I get in a rage, the incoherent sounds I make are similar to ‘conniption’ at times…

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