… as tales of survival, fortitude and dignity rise out of the rubble that are the heartaches of Japan, I see stories of everyday simple men and women who put themselves at risk for a much greater purpose. It seems like such a basic sacrifice, but to BE the one who offers to stay at a nuclear plant, to BE the one who pushes another to the arms of safety, to BE the one who on a sunny September morning in 2001 runs up the stairs to help so many more. God love you all. The heros…

Will I ever see one

Can I ever BE one

watching simple men and women

Go higher

Fly farther

Dig deeper

Than you

for me

Taking what is given

To think about

The greater

Giving so much more

To make it better

Easier not for you

For me

as if you’re not important

you lift me higher

on your back

take me over

you bridge

me on

Dear hero

selfless hero

always doing

ever showing

that you care

taking dare

all aware

sweet hero

God has this place

to know your face

sing praise

that you can be

precious simplicity

sing heart

for you the hero.



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3 responses to “hero.

  1. christine

    WOW Ed way to make a girl cry in the morning. I think this is your best post so far. It really touches my heart.

    • Thanks sweet Christine. I just kept thinking about these ordinary people making such extraordinary selfless choices… and I often wonder if “I” could be that selfless in the same situation.

  2. christine

    I would like to think we all have it in us at one time or another. Knowing you Ed I am sure you are one that does. You have such a kind heart. It feels good to know that there are real live hero’s walking amongst us. God bless them all.

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