Today I am going to plant pansies.

I like to get flowers in the flower boxes on our little deck (say that fast 5 times in a row, I dare you) as soon as the temperature of the day is forecast above 60 degrees. Apparently, today we’re shooting for over 70, so off to the nursery I go.

It’s too early to do my summer annuals, so I like to get what are called “winter pansies.”  They’re pretty, colorful and resilient AND they’re what they used to call queers back in the day. Appropriate.

Definition: pansy

Part of Speech Definition
Noun 1. Large-flowered garden plant derived chiefly from the wild pansy of Europe and having velvety petals of various colors.[Wordnet]
2. A timid man or boy considered childish or unassertive.[Wordnet]
3. Offensive terms for an openly homosexual man.[Wordnet]
4. A plant of the genus Viola (V. tricolor) and its blossom, originally purple and yellow. Cultivated varieties have very large flowers of a great diversity of colors. Called also heart’s-ease, love-in-idleness, and many other quaint names.[Websters].
Adjective 1. Being homosexual or campy. [Eve – graph theoretic]
2. Being effeminate, sissy, womanish or girlish.[Eve – graph theoretic]


Campy? Me? Womanish? Like that’s an insult!

Where DO we come up with these wonderful adjectives anyway?

That being said, I will thoroughly enjoy planting flowers to get me in a mood for spring today. Maybe I’ll even dig out a summer dress and some pretty heeled sandals to wear while I’m doing it.



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4 responses to “pansies

  1. Lisa Kramer

    I love pansies! Of all types. 😉 Enjoy your garden. Be sure to share pictures someday.

  2. ahhh spring …i wish it was above 60 here. it was in the mid 40’s and i was about ready to pull out the shorts lol. good luck with your flower growing adventures!

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