spilled seed

I’m really getting fed up with Daryl’s bad habit of spilling seed all over the condo.

For the six years that I’ve known the man, he continues to spill his seed EVERYwhere. It’s a big waste of seed I tell you! He LOVES his seed, but I can’t continue to see it spewed all over the cocktail the table (see photo above), or the kitchen counter, not to mention I sucked it up with the vacuum cleaner one day last week.

What’s a partner to do? I came home last night while he was still at work and there was a big bowl of spent seed on our leather sectional. I sat down in the dim light and the seed went all over me. It was disgusting.

How do I address this situation with him? Should I leave a box of tissues for him to use for the clean up? Perhaps I provide a stack of towels with which to wipe up after the spill? Or maybe the old standby sock would suffice? Suggestions are always welcome.

I’m running out of ideas.



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9 responses to “spilled seed

  1. Cinnamon McCoy

    I read the snippet on fb before clicking the link to see entire blog… Lmao..My mind must truly be headed south. Lol and yes you are ornery!!!

  2. ummm, you got me me with the title, and I was so pleased to see that I was right to have my head in the gutter. Too funny.


  3. you “liked” my post, and so i wandered over to say hello. thanks for the cheeky humor! and….what if you purchased several nice bowls to place in strategic places around your condo, as used seed depositories?

    or you can save them over the week and put them under his pillow.

  4. ……..Sounds like reckless abandonment……

    Love this post. It’s got true grit all over it.

    spread the humor: charlywalker.wordpress.com

  5. There are bibs that are made from hard plastic that have a little “well” on the bottom to catch food that the mouth didn’t!

  6. Jo

    Wahahaha! Great post. You tickled my funny bone today. 🙂

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