the calm before the storm…

I seemed to have temporarily run low on steam at writing a daily blog. To the minority of readers, this is a travesty heartbreak slight inconvenience, to the rest… a blessing. To me, it’s a deep breath before a continuous breeze of evolution.

I’ll call it writer’s lull, for now – a sailor’s doldrum. It’s certainly not that I’ve lost interest, but I believe I’m at a point of transition.

Posting daily was the equivalent of a creative burst for me, from behind a dam of apathy and laziness. It was a very enjoyable “session” of personal (read: FREE) therapy (and continues to be).

At this point, I will be drinking in the water of creativity around me, instead of just flushing it (and hopefully, I will learn how to discover MUCH better analogies along the way).

I will be reading, scouring and researching to learn more. Books, blogs, and even the fine print on the back of my credit card statements are not safe from my roving eyes and thirsty soul.

In the meantime, please feel free to shoot me emails on questions that you have on my personal life (NOTHING is off-limits), on blogging in general, things that drive you insane, or throw out a tasty writer’s prompt to see if I’ll bite.

Thanks for watching ME grow (hmmm…GREAT name for a porno!), and I look forward to continued expression.



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5 responses to “the calm before the storm…

  1. You had me at ” nothing is off limits”….

    Oh, you’ll get the wind in your sails again and free float a floe of great icy topics.
    So loosen that albright knot and cast off to the Blog Lagoon….
    You are too talented and funny , not to.

    spread the humor:

  2. I love that expression “sailor’s doldrums.” Anyway, Ed, I have been reading many, many blogs about this very topic–people are losing steam or feel they are not in touch with their muse. Even this blog about not being able to write is enjoyable.

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