you named your network WHAT?

I have always been wary of typing ANYthing without a proper dosage of caffeine, so I’d normally begin this rant with a disclaimer, but frankly I’m too sleepy…

Apparently, my iphone settings are such that it will search the area that I am currently in, for a network with which to connect to for (I guess) better internet service. First of all, I’m quite satisfied with my “standard” I think they call it “GS” service. It’s not like I’m downloading “Tom’s Dick is Hairy” from PornHub while chatting with my Mom about her latest driving at night excursion at the same time, so WHY would I NEED such superior service anyway right?

That being said – a “list” of available professionally AND personally named networks will pop up on my phone’s screen every time I activate it. If I happen to be in Panera Bread Cafe for lunch, I’ll see the name “Panera One,” or “Panera Network” listed. No big deal, however, one day last week I was at a strip mall in Delaware County and I got a list of options that included “CindyBitch,” “69_4me,” and “JDNCoke” all within the same networking radius.

PEOPLE: Do you not realize that these network names are public? Granted, one cannot access these privately owned networks because they are usually password protected (God only knows what the passwords are!), but is it really necessary that I blush every time I turn on my phone?

Maybe I’m just jealous because as I was having mine set up last year by a cute little Italian gentleman from my cable company, he smiled at me with teeth whiter than a bottle of bleach and an eye that had a built in wink while he asked what name I would like for OUR network I managed to blurt “just call it [Williams] please.”



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2 responses to “you named your network WHAT?

  1. Something tells me it would take more than a porntastic network name to make you blush. 😉
    Ours is Badger-something (Go Big Red!), but my neighbor’s his FluffyCat-something. *pause for “cat” jokes”.

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