cent says.


hear me

whisper softly

to scream so blind

as blinking

sight not seen

oh touch this heart

feel breath so deeper still

the smell of laughter

and judgement’s stench

devour destiny

swallow stillness

sweet silence.



Filed under Poetry

11 responses to “cent says.

  1. well written..
    keep it up.

  2. Who can think silence can be such an inspiration? Lovely! I like the best ” the smell of laughter” … a smell I like to be surrounded!

  3. Indeed silence breaks you to speak.. That’s what has happened to me too!
    Well said.. Hugs x

  4. silence gives one chance to think and speak aloud in mine…

    lovely job.

  5. -D

    I’ve always loved silence. It often speaks so much yet does nothing. 🙂 Happy rally!

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  7. A poignant plea for a return to deeper peace that can be hard to ground oneself in, with the cruel glare of people who do not understand and choose to judge harshly to superimpose a sense on people and things they don’t understand. Nice work.

    I invite you to visit my blog and read my Rally Entry at:

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