Third Annual “Blessing of the Balls.”

Here in Philadelphia, we’ve had a little snow today as some sort of perversely timed April Fool’s joke, courtesy of Mother Nature. We haven’t had a cruel joke like this since the Wilson Good administration back in the mid-eighties.

More importantly though, here in the City of Brotherly Love, it’s opening day of our Phillies baseball season and what better way to celebrate than our third annual “Blessing of the Balls?” I love balls! Hell, I love religion! This mixture of two of my favorite things hasn’t come along since 1928 when Reeses invented the Peanut Butter Cup! What a tradition! The only thing missing is Jayson Werth (oh and 126 million dollars).

The holy trinity of religions including a priest, rabbi and a pastor had most of the zealot bases covered on John DeBella’s radio show this morning on our local WMGK. The event took place outside of Citizen’s Bank Park (inside McFadden’s Sportsbar and Grill) and can be heard in its entirety here.

I’m thinkin’ we need some sort of committee to vote and have today declared a holiday. Close the banks, schools and the Forum Theater.

Balls for everyone!

Tomorrow’s Post: “It’s not the SIZE of the bat, it’s how you SWING it.”



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2 responses to “Third Annual “Blessing of the Balls.”

  1. I think I am not into baseball because when I was small my grandfather was always watching it when I wanted him to play games with me. Still, it’s the only sport I can really understand – well running. Football is far too complicated, but at least my husband rubs my feet when he is watching.
    My husband’s grandfather was one of the early baseball players in NY, I think it was in the 20’s. His wife urged him to quit though saying the sport was never going to amount to anything.

    • Wow Jerri! A good foot rub is worth ANYthing! I’d sit through an entire Republican Convention if my feet were getting rubbed. : )
      Side note: My Grandfather IS the reason I started liking baseball. He used to listen to the Phillies religiously on his portable radio while drinking quarts of beer. I miss him.

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