just watch.

Do you ever find yourself staring at your partner or spouse while they are in conversation with someone else and find yourself continuing to be infatuated with them?

I do.

Daryl and I have been together for almost 6 years. I guess that doesn’t sound overly impressive, after all it’s barely “a pottery anniversary” in straight years; however, in gay years when you’re talking about two very immature men, it’s on the cusp of a friggin’ silver anniversary!

Daryl doesn’t realize it, but I love to watch him in action (not THAT kind of action, perverts). I get quite a charge out of just observing him interact with others while we’re out at dinner or a family function or even just out in public at the mall.

Last night we were out for cocktails and a bite to eat with some co-workers of mine, and I became totally engaged in his carrying on a conversation to one of them. Now mind you, Daryl has plowed right in with all of my co-workers from day one. He’s suffered through gossip, drunkards as well as the latest company reorganization. He’s had to strike up conversations with the spouses and girl/boyfriend of the month of many a salesperson and he’s done so impressively with flying colors! Side note: Now that I actually think about it, some of my friendly sales folk actually seem to like Daryl more than me.


Anyway, after about the third cocktail, I found myself getting slightly aroused while staring at and listening to my man get intellectual! I don’t even remember what the conversation was about; what’s with that? No curse words or dirty talk, no one whispering “Daddy” in a low-guttural voice. No winking or grabbing inappropriate body parts. It was like I had a crush on L.L. Cool J or something!

I found myself gazing like a silly schoolboy at his expressions, his smile and his shit-brown gorgeous eyes as he was expressing an opinion to another person. I felt myself smiling hard, and actually getting aroused as he laughed, rubbed his chin and continued on with the conversation. As I got up and embarrassingly adjusted myself before heading to the restroom to quickly unload some rented alcohol, he turned, smiled and helped to pull my barstool so I could get out.

As I strutted awkwardly across the restaurant floor to the men’s room, I began to ponder where I could begin my search for a unique piece of pottery.



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3 responses to “just watch.

  1. Kristin Brænne


  2. Christine

    Wow Ed. Daryl is such a lucky man. Sounds like you are too. I still feel that way when I look at my husband. Going on 14 years now. I also enjoy catching him looking at me with such love and admiration in his eyes. It warms my heart and soul.

  3. I was feeling like this with my ex-boyfriend, even just looking at him doing simple things was like seeing a hollywood star … Lots of happiness and love to you and your partner Daryl!

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