so here you are…

On the day you were born there was a plan.

Some might say God.

Others claim that fate had her complex way.

Perhaps it was just our simple approach,

as we played our game of life to win

and bring you here today.

This exact spot

at your place in this world.

Whoever is responsible,

whatever flows and ebbs of time

have placed you gently

onto this sand at my feet,

I raise my glass

into the vast blue sky

higher, then higher still

for I am thankful for you,

and ever grateful to all things

that have brought you here today.

Happy Birthday Dearest Daryl.



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8 responses to “so here you are…

  1. Many happy returns to Daryl! Great dedication from you!

  2. Lisa

    Happy Birthday to Daryl!

  3. Daryl is one lucky man to have someone love him so much–what a beautiful tribute.

  4. This is so sweet! I have always wanted someone to write a poem for me. Something other than “roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are your tits.”
    Seriously, though, this is really sweet. Happy birthday to your mans.
    Also, great banner. Love it.

  5. GraceAnn

    Ed – this is the best! I wish both of you all of the goodness life has to offer and to your friend above.. at least someone thinks you have nice tits! xoxox

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