coming out of the closet.

Today is one of two days I am scheduled OFF from work for this week. I think I’ll clean my bedroom closet. I get tired of fighting a shirt in and out of the closet like some sort of clothing tug of war. I need to simplify.

I only have ONE closet which is home to the following:

  • Six off the rack suits that I wear for my job in sales.
  • Several assorted dress shirts and neck ties in seasonal color schemes.
  • Those tee-shirts that you sort of think are funny at the time, but look ridiculous on a 54 year old. “Jake’s Bar,” “Woody” Woodpecker, and “Joe’s Lube Shop” just don’t seem to have the same impact anymore. Go figure.
  • Ed’s “casual collection” of fine dining and dancing apparel (although it seems to be more dining and less dancing as of late).
  • A boxed artificial Christmas tree that I got on sale at a local discount department store last year because we had a lot of traveling to do around the Holidays and I didn’t want to fuss with watering a real tree (I loved its simplicity and ease of clean up after Valentine’s Day and want to keep it forever. Daryl refuses fake and wants to stay with a real tree). A companion plastic container of decorations and a huge manger scene complete with straw, an overhead angel and two wise men (the third one fell off a table several years ago and shattered – so much for being wise).
  • Luggage. Well, an overnight bag and a small carry on. I gave up the steamer trunk.
  • Dress shoes for work in black and brown, two pairs of sneakers, a pair of sandals, flip flops and bedroom slippers that I never seem to wear anymore (since I quit smoking out on the patio – THAT was always attractive in the dead of winter with my hair sticking all over the place, in my bathrobe and coat puffing away and shivering first thing in the morning).
  • Boxes of the appliances and gadgets that I keep for everything. The laptop box, a juice blender box and an old coffee maker box (with the coffee maker still inside!) that I hang onto in case of emergencies. Seriously, you do NOT want to mess with my caffeine intake at any time.
  • TONS of recycled gift bags for ANY occasion including “Over the Hill” which I seem to be using quite frequently these days. Most are complete with (scratched out) name tags and (crumpled) tissue paper.

Upon second review, it looks overwhelming and I just realized that I have to get a headlight fixed on my car. So much for cleaning the closet today… I’ll just stick to coming out of it.



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3 responses to “coming out of the closet.

  1. who wants to clean out their closet? i mean… really its kinda least for me… i get the WHY DID I BUY THAT? and d OMG I NEVER EVEN WORE THAT! …depressing…. currently im living out of my car and a laundry basket at my friends house the dressy work clothes somehome become a lil less dressy in this situation.

  2. I love sorting out cupboards … Want any help with it? 🙂

  3. Christine

    You are too funny Ed.

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