addicted to this journey…

My son at the age of 23 is currently on a several month upswing in a path of addiction.

I am falling in love with him all over again as we talk several times a week from his facility in Arizona. I am smart enough to know that his struggle is far from complete, but at this stage of his life he is the most lucid, the most honest and the most progressive I have seen him in years. He has no computer or way to see this rather elementary but heartfelt poem, so I shoot it out into the world, in hope that it finds it’s way to him…

this path you choose

go onward still

one step ahead

another will

the sun too bright

as sky blinds blue

clouds lead the way

to hope for you

no worry son

begin today

in ways so new

for you I pray

bring peace to heart

and solice too

dear son of mine

your soul is true

still barely lost

keep searching though

leave past behind

forgive the cost

beyond the darkness

through light of day

see hands of faith

to lead your way

push farther now

to take this ride

to make it to

the truth inside.



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18 responses to “addicted to this journey…

  1. sweet.
    Glad to see you get close with your lovely son…

    you rock…

  2. cathy

    This is a beautiful poem- and a beautiful source of inspiration- happy to hear of your son’s progress!

  3. Karen

    Beautiful! Faith and Love are the only weapons we have, but without them we can “abdanon all hope”! All my best to both of you on your journey!

  4. Lisa

    Sob! Beautiful.

  5. Happy Rally…

    enjoy a poetic, free, and uplifting day..

  6. Nancy Monnat

    Ed, your son is lucky to have such a sensitive, loving dad. Your poem is beautiful. Sending prayers your way …

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  8. please vote for fellow poets, you are nominated, you win one vote automatically, if you vote for fellow poets., you will win another vote for yourself, and win at least excellent award….

    keep it up.
    Bless your talent.


  9. Father’s love………I feel happy for him for having a father like you.

  10. I think he will get through this…be strong and he will too for ultimately, it’s in his hands. Well written..thoughts with you. 🙂

  11. Kay Salady

    There are no words to express how much this poem has touched my heart. All I can say is thank you. I am sending good thoughts and prayers for your dear son. Blessings. By the way, excellent writing!

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  13. Tracy

    Lovely poem. I pray your son continues to overcome his addiction to become the man he truly wants to be.

    • He’s actually doing quite well in Prescott AZ Tracy. I talk to him once or twice a week, and am greatful for the progress he’s made to date. Like anything else, taking it one day at a time.
      I love to see YOU happy with your family too!

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