he’s gone. move on.

I don’t need to see that face plastered on my television, on my computer and every magazine cover.

Don’t allow the press to fly with this like they do everything else.

The man has gone to the sharks and his God.

Stop the pure celebration of his death.

Of anyone’s death.

Solemn reverence is in order for those lost before.

Be American.

Bring our folks home now.

Let us move on to a better place.

Let us move on to a hopeful PEACE.



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3 responses to “he’s gone. move on.

  1. Geez, Lisa, my words exactly! There are so many other ways we can come together as a nation.

  2. I’m feeling that way again, after seeing the bad death of Quadaffi yesterday. No one should die like that, nor be celebrated so viciously.

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