bring me your weary…

Tax season is finally over, but it wasn’t without its fallout.

I’m sure you’ve seen her. She stands alongside the busy highway waving her gracious green robe clad arms while holding a sign in the shape of an arrow pointing to the local tax preparer. Lady Liberty, that’s right, our Statue of Liberty standing through blizzards, rain and wind storms, semi-trucks splashing her gown and the occasional tossed beer can as she continues to welcome the tired, the poor (BEFORE tax prep) and the weary huddled masses who are yearning to be free (of the IRS).

As I drive by daily, I HAVE to wave. I feel sorry for her. After all, how much does one desperately need a job to subject themselves to sub-freezing temperatures and the honks of horns? What would one think that first time upon glancing in the mirror and staring back at a face surrounded in a sea-foam green spiked crown made out of a sponge that would make the McDonald’s hair net look damn good? Sigh.

I’m hoping that I’m wrong in assuming that the weekly pay is probably enough to keep one stocked in cigarettes and coffee for a day or two. Who knows? Maybe the job is commission based like mine and they are paid according to the amount of business they drive in with the arrow. One would think that if you want to dress up in costume to make a living, one would try Disney World as Mickey Mouse or even a Purple Dinosaur for a local birthday party company. Perhaps, try something where life, limb and your face is NOT exposed for all your friends and neighbors to see.

I honestly respect those that will do just about anything to be gainfully employed (one summer in my youth, I sealed vinyl swimming pool covers with heat and we used to try to catch flies to seal in the seams), however, I hope that this post doesn’t come back to haunt me by making me eventually become an eternal greeter for a major retail chain in my semi-retirement years. But if it does, I’ll make sure the name tag says something other than my real name.


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