i’m watching u.

Face Book is voyeuristic.

Are you one of those folks that like to look at the photos of friends on Face Book? I do. The problem is, the way Face Book works is that there are so many links to other friends and friends of friends and family friends and enemies of family friends that I find myself looking at the photo album of some college frat party where the guys are taking their pants off and vomiting in a trashcan!

I never was a good web surfer.

I get distracted way too easily and end up being online looking through layers of pages and photos for hours finally forgetting what I was originally looking for. I begin by searching for a new church to attend and end up looking at shirtless Christian men. Go figure. I guess it’s similar to when I open my spice shelf in the kitchen looking for cinnamon and I end up finding the dill weed and dry mustard and I start looking for a new recipe while the dessert burns.

Maybe I have ADD. I’d get a prescription for that, however, I’m sure I would forget to take it and end up swallowing two of something else and end up sleeping for a week.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah… voyeuristic Face Book. I guess that why Mark Zuckerberg invented it in the first place.

Have a great day and keep posting those shirtless photos!



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3 responses to “i’m watching u.

  1. jgavinallan

    Shirtless photos…I think if I showed mine…no one would notice…My chest is P…not even PG


  2. Sometimes I will go and look and the photos of friends of friends. No shirtless men though. Just tractors, fishing gear, and newly planted gardens. I need to add some more exciting friends.

  3. To me Facebook is like climbing to the top of a hill and shouting at everyone everywhere but to no one in particular. It’s a funny old world!

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