I can’t even type it without snickering like a fifth grader. Just like bra, penis, boobs and rubber, apparently I have yet to grow up entirely because I STILL giggle hysterically when I hear one or all of these words.

U. S. Representative Anthony Weiner recently admitted he sent suggestive photos of himself in his underwear via Twitter and then lied about it to everyone within earshot. What I find simply… well… stupid, is that one of the photos included family photos in the background on a pretty console table in color coordinated frames of the wife and the Weiners (snicker) with the Clintons.

Do men ever learn? Are the brief (pun intended) moments of sexual arousal and “flirtatious” moments worth the fallout?

I remember several years ago when I discovered my interest in men that technology was such that I could take pictures or shoot crude grainy videos of my private parts to send to horny guys over the internet. I tried it once to see if it was worth the effort. I couldn’t get my positioning right. I only have two hands and the things I was attempting to do required them both. I tried to open a bottle of lube because I thought the glistening effect would look sensual and hot. I spilled the lube on the computer and tried to pick it up with hands that were slippery and ended up making a huge mess. As I got up I knocked the keyboard to the floor and watched as the keys with the letters “D” and “S” went spinning across the floor.

Needless to say, my personal “film noir” was not completed and I was eventually delegated to the occasional photo of “little Eddy” after I cleaned up the computer and purchased a new keyboard.

Is there an answer to this fascination with the cock? Read on.

I don’t believe men should be allowed to have penises all the time. Perhaps they should only be allowed to have access to them when their brains and their dicks are in sync. MAYBE men, like women, should have their “time of the month.” Once a month for maybe a week, men would have the opportunity to get hard, play with it, have sex alone or with others, and then at the end of the week the balls retract, the head inverts and it just goes away until the following month.

Imagine how much work would get done ladies. Imagine the actual romance that would transpire, and imagine how many relationships would remain intact. Ah… a pipe dream you say? Let me pull out my iphone4 that allows me to take self photos and I’ll show you a pipe.



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10 responses to “weiner.

  1. Sandy Fowler

    Not just giggling, but laughing hysterically at the images you bring to life with words!

  2. I love political sex scandals. They don’t happen often enough for me.
    This was a great post, but I must admit that very descriptive penultimate paragraph made my cringe a tad. Ouch!

  3. LMAO…that sure would be something…hilarious

  4. cinnamon

    I almost spit my Orange Crush out all over my computer screen at work. Instead I attempted to hold the laughter in and ended up having soda come out of my nose. Thanks Ed!! Te he!!

  5. These politicians are such dumb-asses! I guess I can’t figure them out. The door has already been opened wide to this kind of thing. Perhaps it’s not considered acceptable, but by no means is anyone surprised anymore by this kind of shit coming to light. What burns people up is when they try and lie about it. Frankly, I don’t care what he nor any other politician does behind bedroom doors. None of my business. Wanna be a letch or a shitty husband…whatever! The only thing I’m concerned about is whether they do their damn job. I mean, come on, we already know they’re a bunch of cheats and liars…they’re politicians! And the thing that really burns me up is that after all these cheaters get caught they run to ‘sex rehab’ to try and save face, because it’s expected of them to do that. When did cheating become a need for sex rehab? When did pornography become a need for sex rehab? Hell, I always thought that was the norm of being a man!

  6. Rubber! That is a family favorite word!

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