just trade him in!

As I was driving this afternoon on my day off running errands, I came across this new store a few miles from our condo.

I wondered WHY didn’t someone think of this sooner? I mean, a place where you can actually EXCHANGE men? Brilliant I tell you… absolutely brilliant!

The sign has ALL the attractions to get your man to go with you (to trade him in on a younger, fresher, more um… healthy model). They have tools and tech and sports and gaming! Why that man of yours won’t know what hit him as you leave with your new and improved stud.

Just hang on to those receipts though folks, ’cause in a year or so, you’ll be back!



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3 responses to “just trade him in!

  1. Oh…that’s nothing new, Ed. Here in Iowa we call it a bar! Hell, I’m on husband number 3 and they’ve gotten younger every time.

  2. How could I be so stupid? I usually go to the “Absolute and Complete Moron Exchange”.

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