beach blanket boingo

Well the inevitable has FINALLY happened. Daryl and I were invited to Lewes Beach in Delaware this weekend by some wonderful lesbian friends of ours whom we haven’t seen since our amazing jaunt to New York City back in April. We are still playing it by ear to see if we to end up there or not since we also have a memorial dinner for my Dad to attend earlier in the weekend in Chesapeake City, Maryland. Depending on how long dinner is and how many cocktails we consume will dictate if we’d like to continue on with the 2 hour drive south to the beach.

We LOVE our girls to pieces! They truly aren’t judgmental in any way and they are terrific hostesses, however, this will mean we will have to put on our bathing suits in a public situation. Keep in mind that while Daryl and I HAVE begun eating much healthier and together have lost the combined weight of say a Matchbox car or two… oh hell, make it a box of 4, we are most certainly NOT in shape for public viewing at the present time.

So, about halfway through writing this blog, I attempted to do a Google search for a photo to perhaps “illustrate” what two fat gay interracial men in bathing suits would look like. I wanted a comedic angle to help tie the story together, so I typed “fat gay interracial men in bathing suits” into my Google image search engine with “Safe Search” off.

Maybe I’m not adept at knowing how to search using key words, but very few of the photos even included a bathing suit.

Here’s one that DID (well sort of):

Does this look like "fat gay interracial men in bathing suits" to you?

Needless to say, there were no images that I could use in a public forum. I was distracted and totally lost my train of thought on this post. Once I get back on track, I will finish part two of our weekend adventures!



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7 responses to “beach blanket boingo

  1. And Google is looking at that query and going “how oddly specific…”

  2. Lisa (Woman Wielding Words)

    I am laughing so hard right now. Thanks.

  3. That search engine turned up about the same results as I did when I was ‘searching’ for Mr. Perfect years ago. I thought I got a big, bad, Indian/Italian biker, but apparently he had a few secrets of his own. He liked lingerie. Ironically he looked just about like that clad in red. Ha..ha… (Well, sans the fair skin, anyway.) Ooohh…Pissy is giving away her secrets again, isn’t she?

  4. You are so funny, Ed. I’m having a difficult time with the visual!

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