all this talk about debt ceilings is making me hungry.

The roast chicken is in the oven. I prepped the 8-pound bird first by shoving a large orange with a few well-placed cloves up its ass without so much as a last name and a kiss. Ouch. Then I proceeded to forcefully thrust some fresh twigs of rosemary and sprigs of thyme up in there for good measure. Sort of had a quick flashback to an online porn movie that involved a chicken (I think) and a hand (I think) that I viewed once by mistake that was like watching a train wreck…

ANYway… I continued by cutting up half a sweet onion to line the roasting pan and I also poured about a cup of organic chicken stock in the pan for moisture. I dotted the chicken’s skin with fresh garlic, cracked pepper medley and a touch of ground sea salt. It should be done in a couple of hours. I have some fresh sweet corn on the cob and a couple of heads of fresh broccoli to steam, a few flavored martinis to shake and lo and behold, we have a great meal to celebrate our second weekly “NO TECHNOLOGY” night!

We’ve decided to have one night a week where we lock up (not literally of course) our laptop, television and while leaving the cell phones ON for emergencies, we put them DOWN on the nightstand. This was part of our “plan” to reintroduce more conversation and um… more SEX back into our growing relationship. We tried this last week after I got home from work at 9 pm., so it REALLY was only about a couple of hours of technology withdrawal, but we did fine. Tonight will be several more hours than that and I have YET to finish this blog and get to Level 34 in my “Garden of Time” game on Face Book before Daryl comes in the door!

I’ve given up cigarettes, cursing and sugar much fucking easier than this.

We have other “nights” too that we agreed are most likely necessary to increase communication and foster good will toward each other on a daily basis. For instance, last evening we had our first official “budget meeting.” We actually sat down at the dining table with cocktails in hand and discussed our budget. Lord knows we like to spend money like the political parties that we represent, but we want to find ways to do a little less spending and a lot more saving. You know… like the government. We want to find that proverbial debt ceiling. We ain’t getting’ any younger and the “R” word (retirement) really needs to take a front seat in this relationship. We even went out one night a few weeks ago as part of the process to get a “budget book” to record our daily expenditures so we could get a “snapshot” of our woefully wallet-less ways.

Now mind you, we have only been at this for a week, but I am already having misgivings about our spending habits. Maybe I should say MY spending habits. I do most of the grocery shopping as some of my earliest blogs have indicated… but how can two men require close to $300 of groceries in less than a week? We cut out sugar for Christ’s sake! We’re not eating fast food at all anymore! I shop for fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh fish and chicken, organic yogurts and snacks fill the cupboards now. We’re losing weight, but at the same time, we’re losing our cash!

Sure, I could do that “X-treme” couponing that I hear about. They even have a TV show about it I think. Some woman makes it her JOB to find out how to get two free rolls of paper towels and a dozen eggs with her grocery order. I just CAN’T bring myself to get THAT involved with coupon shopping. Daryl suggested that perhaps we eat more leftovers. I already DO that and I swore at the onset of this relationship that I’d never eat the same thing two days in a row damn it! How much more do I have to sacrifice? How much more can we take?

No wonder the government can’t get their (read: OUR) act together with this budget thing. Maybe they too should learn to eat leftovers. I’ve decided that the only ceiling I want to be aware of from now on is the one I see when I lay down on my bed to have sex during our “no tech” night.

I better go baste that chicken and mix up the cocktails before the keyboard is ripped from my clawing fingersssssss…



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7 responses to “all this talk about debt ceilings is making me hungry.

  1. Aside from the budget meeting (downer) I love your domestic life 🙂

  2. I missed you guys so much! The No-Tech night is such a great idea. Dapper G and I should try it. Some nights we hardly speak, both of us with lap tops are only communication . . . geez–the new couples. Not sure if I like it!

  3. I just love the wonderful, new, ‘fresh’ ideas you have to amp up your relationship. And yeah…I’m gonna steal the damn recipe for the chicken cause it sounds yummy!
    I gotta tell ya, I got a little stuck after the $300 remark. OUCH, ED! And no sugar to speak of? 😦
    Oh, and let me just say “I’m not worthy. I’m not worthy” cause there’s no way I could give up cigarettes, cursing and sugar. Think staples of life… Yep, that’d be me! 😉

    • Ya know Lou… these “fresh” ideas are so born out of that “feeling stuck” anchor that has continually plagued me throught my 54 years. I get too damn restless and fearful of “stagnation.” Why IS that? Perhaps I equate being bored and placated with laziness, so in order to create “movement.” I invent new ideas and ways to get the water wheel flowin’ again. I feel sorry for my relationships that suffer the fallout, but I guess there ARE those that benefit as well, as in my current one.
      The chicken recipe is ad hoc, so feel free to try it. Daryl always asks me where I found my recipes or ideas. I tell him, honestly, I just wing them from stuff I’ve read or pictures I’ve seen (some folks refer to this as “flying by the seat of one’s pants.) And as far as those vices I’ve given up, you’ll notice that drinking is glaringly absent from that list. ; )

      • You know, I was just talking about this very subject; why it is that those of us that suffer from depression and various forms of it, seem to always be restless and needing to move forward. Have you noticed that there are more creative people: Writers, Artists, Actors, etc. that suffer from depression, bipolar disorder, panic disorders, etc. than anyone else? I truly think there is a link between those of us that are ‘creative’, and depression, because our minds are constantly firing off ideas, we’re constantly needing to be intellectually stimulated or busy ‘creating’ something, and most of the people in our lives are not clever enough to keep us entertained, and most of our lives too monotonous to feed the need we have to evolve. A doctor told me years ago when my oldest son was self-medicating and doing poorly in school, that his problem was not that he wasn’t smart enough to do the work and was frustrated, but that he was too smart, was bored, and was frustrated because nothing held a challenge for him. I believe that is true. That may be where your ‘movement’ dilemma comes from.

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