the giving tree.

The cutting of the trees was the last straw. I came home yesterday to a new view.

Apparently the condo association was informed by the local electric company to remove several beautiful white pine trees from around a few of the fatigue green boxed transformers located within the development. These trees HAD to be over 50 years old I’m guessing and provided year round green and sweet summer shade. Now our building looks… what’s the word I’m looking for… STARK! Sure, I understand that the roots of the trees were more than likely cutting power unnecessarily and the branches of white pines are notorious for breaking and causing damage during wind storms, but there MUST have been another way.

There wasn’t.

I relish my shade. I crave it actually. It gives me time to stop. To think. To cherish the absent warmth of the sun. The shade even smells different. I would so enjoy walking through the shade on my way into the condo after a particularly insane day at work. I got to depend on my shade.

I took my shade for granted.

Throughout my life I have always gravitated towards shady people. Let me clarify that. I am drawn to folks that have a sense of peace… a sense of calmness that comes from within. I’m sure it’s my way of balancing out my flair for the over dramatic and emotional bursts of passion that seem to plague me from time to time. In my personal life, Daryl has certainly been a steady provider of shade that I am learning not to take for granted.

At work, however, I have lost yet another tree.

There have been many changes in personnel at the showroom I have called home for close to seven years. I have seen more people come and go than an old episode of Threes Company. In our line of work, the hours and the down time can be excruciatingly cruel. The demands of commission-based paychecks have sometimes been too much for many a struggling salesperson, and they leave or get fired. Just when I think I’m getting used to it. I’m not.

This week, a gentleman that I consider a GOOD home furnishing salesman… an HONEST salesman… a REAL person has decided to take a position in another store as a manager. He’ll be incredible at it. He has an amazing way with people. The new showroom that he is heading to is very, very fortunate. This man deserves to be successful and happy and I wish him the very best in his newest challenge.

But what about MY shade?

I still always find myself gearing up to be constantly “ON” for new and existing customers. It takes a lot of energy to remain positive when you actually feel like shoving a cocktail table where the sun don’t shine (how’s THAT for shade?). Having this man around would always somehow seem to make the day just a little easier to bear. Without him knowing it, his presence had a way of “bringing my blood pressure down.” I’ve enjoyed (and taken for granted) the company of several other trees at work too, but they seem to keep getting chopped down as well, leaving me with saplings, the occasional parasol, and a bunch of dried up weeds*.

I believe I’m selfish and I miss my shade. Hurry up and grow, sweet forest!

*Dear other people at work… this does NOT mean I consider you all dried up weeds by any means (well MOST of you anyway). It’s just a writing analogy with regard to trees and shade. Get over it.

(a favorite book of mine is Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree. Check it out!)



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8 responses to “the giving tree.

  1. cathy

    This is one of the best posts yet- I love how you used shade as a metaphor here- and I am sorry that one of your trees is moving on. Having been a tender sapling salesperson in that environment, I know how important the mature strong trees are for the strength and well-being of the forest. You were one of those nice trees for me – and I was soothed by your shade and protected by your branches.

    sorry about losing the real trees at home, that is sad. I haved grieved over trees that we have had to take down at our home for various reasons.

    Love “the Giving Tree” as well.

    • Thanks Cathy! You always say the nicest things. AGAIN, I am so thankful for R&F introducing you into my life. Glad to know I could provide a little shade for you at our brief but rewarding time together.
      We gotta get together for some vamping and vodka before the end of the summer in WC!

  2. Lisa (Woman Wielding Words)

    I love the shade tree metaphor. I hope you find some shade soon.

    • Thanks Lisa! I was thinking that in order to have that shade, one has to provide a lotta sun right? At my age, I’m STILL wondering which one I AM! LOL. Peace to you!

  3. ed i can only say i really enjoyed this you never cease to amaze me love you aunt shirley

  4. Sandy Fowler

    Ed – You’ve hit close to my heart on this one. Our backyard neighbor cut down two beautiful trees from his yard a few weeks ago. I was at first shocked by the glare of the relentless sun and then sorrowed by the loss of my comfort zone. Oh how I loved the cool shade and peacefulness they offered and the songs that the resident birds serenaded me with. Their home and shelter are gone as well. I can’t believe how much it hurt losing a tree, but now realize they weren’t just trees – they were my shelter from life’s storms, my protectors, my friends. Thank you for putting into words the feelings I have been hiding in my heart and the opportunity to put them into words. I miss my trees. I’m sorry for the loss of your trees both at home and at work.

    • Thanks for reading Sandy. As much as I love the sunshine and it’s warmth, sometimes that glare without the cool shade can be a little too intense. I think I just appreciate the shade a little more today than yesterday thats all. Glad I could hit you on this one. : )

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