I wish it would rain…

For just today.

Bring clouds of cleansing clarity my way

Soft pellets pushing at the glass

Make certain paths uncertain

with translucent ambiguity.

I want it to rain…

To splash such stagnant sorrow

From my head

Flood tightness from my chest

To breathe the taste of thunder

And shake me ever free.

Please let it rain…

And thrust that sun away

To cloak her sizzling heat

With walls of wet

To hide her glaring stare

I wish it would completely rain…

And soak me in new days

Of gushing purer vibrant thoughts

Of flowing futures

And drenched out pasts

To puddle perfect peace.



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13 responses to “rain.

  1. Oh, man, does this ever make me miss my hometown. I’d love just a little bit of rain right now . . .

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for rain during my September visit!

  2. Ed–you have just completely blown me away. Such powerful and insightful metaphors. I need to link this to my rain blog today. (Yay! It’s raining!) Kudos on this wonderful piece.

    • Aw thanks Terry! You say the nicest things and then I look at your amazing photography (AND your painting!) and your tying together quotes and blurbs and consider your compliments truly valuable. Thanks again!

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  4. Lisa (Woman Wielding Words)

    i wish it would rain to. I love “puddle perfect peace.” Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem.

  5. Thanks! It reminds me how much I miss rain, real rain, real weather here in CA’s Central Valley. We get rain but rarely a storm and not real often.

  6. me too,

    lovely expression on rain, have fun!

  7. I know the feeling. 40 degrees and we’re wilting!

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