my shirt.

I was hot today while strolling around the West Chester Restaurant Festival. I dressed in a long sleeve shirt because it was chilly in the morning. I came across a fried pickle stand that had tee shirts available for five bucks. I bought one and looked frantically around the streets and alleys to change with Daryl in tow. I turned around and asked Daryl what should I do with the shirt I was wearing when I changed to which he promptly replied, “give it back to your sister.”

I hate him.



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8 responses to “my shirt.

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA–I needed that laugh. Give Darryl a kiss from me for that one!!!

  2. what a fun shirt, wow.

    how do you do?

    welcome jois poets rally this week, we are open until Friday.

  3. Just discovered you guys — what a great pair you make!

  4. Just found you, too – what a great great line! This post had made me want to read the rest of the blog 🙂

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