brandywine roller girls.

with a name like this, how could you NOT support these ladies?! Check 'em out!

I remember growing up in the late sixties, early seventies with 3 network and 3 “local” channels on our Zenith TV with tin foil on the V-shaped rabbit ear antenna to “enhance” our viewing pleasure. One of the weekend attractions on the “boob tube” was Men’s and Women’s Roller Derby. It was a sort of precursor to Wrestlemania type entertainment and it didn’t quite grab an audience like it could have back then, however, while it WAS around… it was fun to watch!

Teams with names like Bay Bombers and Northeast Braves skating around an angled rink crashing into each other with chain reaction and whip moves while flying over the railing and into the audience. It was great entertainment.

Yesterday, while stolling the streets of West Chester, Daryl and I ran into a booth of girls who represent the local Brandywine Roller Girls. They were enthusiastic and full of life! When we find time with our insane schedules, we’re going to support them! Check out their website at



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19 responses to “brandywine roller girls.

  1. Dame Thrower

    YAY! Thanks for stopping by our booth. Hope to see you and Daryl at an upcoming bout!

  2. Jackie O' Snatches

    Ahh! Thanks for the plug and I’ll look for you two at our Bout in October!

    Jackie O’ Snatches

  3. Thanks so much for the write up! Hope to see you at the next bout! 🙂

  4. Jennifer

    We give free hip checks!! 🙂

  5. Destroya Jackson

    Thanks for taking the time to write about us.
    Hope to see you both at or next bout!

  6. Destroya Jackson

    that would be “our bout” yikes need more coffee!

  7. She-vil Deeds

    Thank you so much for your support!

  8. Naughty Hits

    Awesome write up! Definitely come see us!!

  9. John Young

    Hi Ed! I’m the announcer for the Brandywine Roller Girls. You will have a GREAT time at a BRG bout. As you probably know, derby started in the thirties as a real sport, but by the seventies and eighties it was what’s called a “work” — athletic, difficult… choreographed. Not a game, in other words. MODERN roller derby is an actual contact sport, not scripted entertainment. It’s a hell of a good time! Thanks for the blog post!

  10. My girlfriend’s daughter, Jen aka Luna Impact skates for the Gotham Girls Roller Derby, NYC. In her day job she’s a physicist!! (Where have you been? Missed you!)

    • That is very cool about your girlfriend’s daughter! These girls are so darn enthusiastic! Daryl and I can’t wait to go see them in action.
      I’ve been busy, started another blog about another hobby of mine (cooking), working, blah blah blah… thanks for asking. Still LOVING your daily posts! : )

  11. Enthusiastic, yes. Energetic, yes. Powerful, talented, beautiful and strong – yes yes yes! All these things and more. Everyone needs to see these ladies skate!

  12. OMG…your Zenith television memory just gave me a flashback of my youth! Ha..ha.. How did we ever survive with 3 channels and no remote control?!! I’m inching towards 49 so I’m not so young that I can’t recall those days well.
    I’ve been taking an emotional sabbatical of sorts and am just now returning to my blog. I just wanted to stop by, say hello, and see how you’ve been. Entertaining yourself, it appears. 🙂 It’s a good thing!

    • Thanks for stopping by Lou! ALWAYS good to see (and hear) from you. Hope things are clearing a bit in Pissy’s world. Daryl and I have been working opposite schedules and alot, so my writing time has shifted to another blog I created for the time being. Not alot of depth, but still sharing a little life. Check it out and let me know what YOU think! LOVE you. : )

  13. LOVE YOU TOO! I’m on my way over….

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