the leaf.

though dead and dying still

i lay in curled carpets

to paint the grassy ground

my life continues briefly farther.

let final gasps of autumn’s wind

toss me higher to the somber sky

my dizzy dance remains

within a swirling mass

of fading crackling copper

and whispered wonder.

I’m chased in cantered cartwheels

and teasing twists

with silent squeals

across a country lane

toward my final place of rest

on forest floors of musk

to nurture life again.



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26 responses to “the leaf.

  1. Lisa Wields Words

    I’ve missed you Ed. Welcome back with a lovely post.

  2. magical word painting, cheers.


  3. Very nice! Glad to see a new post from my Krimpet buddy! (I don’t get to eat them, either.)

  4. wonderful imagery and alliteration, Ed. I MISS you!

  5. Nel

    I love this:
    toward my final place of rest
    on forest floors of musk
    to nurture life again.

    Happy picnic… 🙂

  6. it is good to nurture life.


    • I wanted to compare the last days of a leaf to the final days of a man’s life in which he realizes that even in his death, he continues to nurture the lives that remain. Does that come across?

  7. Beautiful words, Ed! Absolutely lovely the way you painted that picture. 🙂

  8. big smiles,

    how delicious this one is.
    magical word painting.

    join us today, have fun!

  9. Excellent imagery! Your piece is easily the best thing I’ve read in the rally so far! Just great!

  10. This leaves great imagery. Pun away.

  11. ‘My dizzy dance remains..’

    That’s so sweet. Indeed so picturesque in words full of strong emotions and true reflection!

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  12. Ina

    This is lovely, the idea of a dying leaf and mortal souls. Nurture life again, I think more with what you will leave behind in poetry than as food for the worms.

  13. hello, hope all is well.

    missed you a lot.

    notice that you won the perfect poet award for poets rally week 57, welcome take it,

    join us any time when you are free.

    outstanding poetry all year long, truly enjoyed your lasting support.

    keep rocking.


  14. if you have newly posted poem or old poem needing attention, please submit to poets rally week 59 today, bless you.
    Happy Rally.

  15. I need to visit more often. This was beautiful !

  16. I really got carried along with this! Very nicely done. It had me toying with an alternate title: “the leaf’s last writes”. 😉

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