Last Breath.

And as the silence drew closer still

As if suffocation of spirit wasn’t enough

As if her pain racked body wasn’t enough

Her cracked lips parted

And a whisper struggled from the deepest depth of her heart

To take its place among the stale air around her face

As if pushing her gently from life’s ledge wasn’t enough

As if letting her drug filled eyes blink away saltless tears wasn’t enough

The cruel watch decided with its ever moving hands

As the whirring of machines still ticked

Compassion might win this time

And allow her to sing the finale that every person must know

By letting her parched note tumble into

The soft abyss of her final slumber

Of the beginning

Of her peace.



Filed under Life..., Poetry

4 responses to “Last Breath.

  1. Beautiful. Powerful. I just lost my Dad, so this takes on even more meaning. Thank you for these words.

    • I am so sorry to hear of your loss Lisa. I hope you have memories and support to help you move ahead. I lost my Dad 2 years ago and as cliche as it sounds, I miss him.
      On a totally unrelated yet SO related note: Happy Birthday!

      • He passed just before Christmas and I’m sure I will miss him for a long time coming. It’s been a surreal few months, but I’m taking things one minute at a time.

        Thanks for the birthday wishes. It’s actually the 14th, but I have decided to celebrate all month.

  2. Christine

    Oh Ed that is beautiful. Is it written for someone in your life? I miss you. See you and Daryl in April.

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