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the window.

As I close in on yet another new year
There continues to be a window
Of opportunity that sits impatiently outside
And assuredly calls my name.

As in one collective breath
Panes gasp
then scream
for me to open my life
To crawl out into the light of day
The light of who I truly am
Of what I want to be

I must take that step in confident urgency
to throw open the sash
place one leg out into the cold uncertain place
and watch the rest of me follow
As I begin the year
In a place I’ve only seen

through the glass of a window.



December 26, 2014 · 10:08 pm

discover the hidden.

apparently, this dog never needs walked.

a beautiful June afternoon on the campus of NYU.

always look in the smallest of places
always see what most never see
turn your head
squint your eyes and blink.
forever look harder, deeper, and discover
that we all have places
that are hidden, obscured, or around the next corner…
but oh so incredibly and beautifully found.



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row row row our boat…

A row of summer boats
that want to take us away
but can’t
as they lay anchored in the safety of the harbor.

It is the gentle rolling of the vast like sea
that will give us the freedom to find the destination
as we row row row our boat…



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enter the heart


art is pure
feel the lure
wanting more

#mybrandywine #BrandywineRiverMuseum

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This is fogged up.

This was a photo I took while Daryl and I were
on a mini getaway in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware last year.
It was off-season.
Not a whole lot to do during a rainy foggy day.

Well almost.

Always look at the world in all ways. Be in your moment. Stay aware. Be kind.



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Searching for my White Privilege.

I’m not black, but my husband is. Is that my white privilege?

Race is certainly on the forefront of social media and TV. I’ve been reading a lot about “white privilege” with regards to crime and police and life in general. I’m still trying to understand it, and have been informed that unless my face is black, I really won’t ever understand. My voice is irrelevant when it comes to race. The argument is about race Ed, but we don’t really need to hear what YOU have to say about it because you are white. How could you know about what it’s like not to have the “Privilege?”

I’m still confused.

I have a husband. I can be now legally married in my state. Is that my white privilege?

I can have my pick of universities to attend while taking out student loans until my head hurts without the benefit of thousands of minority based scholarships. Is that my white Privilege?

I can walk down the street in my hometown hand in hand with my husband to catcalls and stares (and in some cases violence). Is that my privilege? Ever try to kiss another man in a restaurant or at the mall while shopping in suburbia? Try it. Is that a Privilege too?

How about we go to any church that we want, to worship how we want? Not so easy. Is that my privilege?

I’ve been labeled a princess, told I talk like a queer, and been made fun of the way I use my hands. Is that my privilege?

I have a problem with being told that I’m born with something extra that makes it easier for me. Something that makes my struggle less important… less relevant.

I’m still trying to find where my privilege is.


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