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Top TEN reasons to call out sick today…

10. My eyes want to stay closed.

9. I can’t seem to get last night’s crusty drool off of my chin (oh wait… THAT’S not drool!)

8. The sun is out and it’s WAY ABOVE freezing.

7. I STILL need to take down the Christmas Tree.

6. Today is Christine’s last day.  : (

5. My hair is just not looking good today.

4. I need to go food shopping (the fridge has one container of expired yogurt and a Pizza Hut Box with a 2 week old pepperoni pizza in it).

3. I have several games of online “Scrabble” to catch up on.

2. My windshield is covered with winter salt and I’d be visually impaired.

1. I need to catch up on the movies I have yet to rent, 
    including “The Human Centipede.”


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