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Spit or Swallow?

It began as a romantic evening. Candlelight casting a hazy glow over the entire room as if the very atmosphere knew we were on a journey of love and hopefully… LUST! We gazed into each other’s eyes like two schoolboys giddy with excitement that we were about to begin something that was akin to that first kiss where hot sloppy tongue was involved and it went on forever making your body betray what you truly desired. We had not done this before.

I couldn’t help but feel a little nervous inside. This was something I personally had never really thought about before… never really tried it like THIS. Would I like it? Would it feel good going down? The evening was about to begin…

Daryl asked, “Are you going to swallow that all at once?” to which I wickedly winked at him and grinned, “Yeah… every delicious drop!” We both half laughed, half moaned at the sensual sensations before us.

I placed my finger lightly on the thick stem at first, and then grabbed it harder with my entire hand. I stroked it a little quicker as I started to revel in this adventure we chose together. As I brought it to my lips, I was mildly amused as a little drop of precious juice splattered on my chin. I was amazed at how crimson it was at first but in the light at certain angles it took on a deeper shade of purple, with hints of ebony. It was simply glistening as I pulled it toward my waiting mouth. My heart felt as though it would pound out of my chest in anticipation of what awaited me.

My jaw tingled sharply, then my entire mouth was full as I took the whole warm juice deep within my throat and swirled it deliciously around my tongue while sucking softly. It filled my entire being as I moaned slightly as I wondered whether I should spit… or should I swallow?

Just when I thought I would absolutely explode, I decided to swallow! It felt SO good sliding down my parched throat. It warmed my stomach and I knew I was completely satisfied and fulfilled.

I am so glad Daryl and I found this wine tasting class to attend! It was worth it and we can’t wait until next week!


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