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#exquisite taste?

I’m a social media whore. Bam! It’s out there!

As if anyone would question those statements. When I run into people at parties, at the supermarket, even on the street, I hear, “I love your Posts! They make me laugh, cry, or just get pissed and unfriend people. ”

I know how to blog, post, InstaGram, tweet, I can pin like there’s no tomorrow, and I even tried that Snapchat for about a week until I discovered those … um graphic images don’t always just “disappear.”

I enjoy checking my social media stats, seeing how many views, visitors, and followers I get. I’m not sure if it’s a need, or an unhealthy obsession, but I do it. I grew up in an environment where everything was charted, graphed, and counted by numbers. Get over it.

To me, Twitter seems to be the most difficult for me to integrate. I use it to follow politicians, the occasional sports figure, and many of my favorite soap opera stars. I like diversity.

Imagine my pleasant surprise when I discovered that I have a new follower on Twitter! I’m not so sure I’m crazy about this one though…




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HashTags: Short messages on services such as Twitter, FriendFeed or identi.ca may be tagged by including one or more hash tags: words or phrases prefixed with a hash symbol (#),[9][10] with multiple words concatenated, such as those in:

#RealAle is my favorite kind of #beerthatilike

So apparently, there are these HashTags. Have you seen them everywhere? Some folks use them at the end of a FaceBook status. Here I thought the number sign (#) was for numbers. After actually reading the definition, I’m still not quite sure what they are for. I guess they’re some sort of link within “Twitter?” Maybe one of my more technologically astute readers can help explain it better.

I remember back in the 70’s when a hash tag was a price on a gram of hashish, so imagine my surprise when I found out what it really is. Also, I have a rather difficult time deciphering these tags with run on words. It’s way too much work for me to trytofigureoutwhatthismeans without spaces!

One would think that in this day of smart phones and ipods and ipads that we could come up with a better solution. Can someone work on that please?


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