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the window.

As I close in on yet another new year
There continues to be a window
Of opportunity that sits impatiently outside
And assuredly calls my name.

As in one collective breath
Panes gasp
then scream
for me to open my life
To crawl out into the light of day
The light of who I truly am
Of what I want to be

I must take that step in confident urgency
to throw open the sash
place one leg out into the cold uncertain place
and watch the rest of me follow
As I begin the year
In a place I’ve only seen

through the glass of a window.



December 26, 2014 · 10:08 pm

discover the hidden.

apparently, this dog never needs walked.

a beautiful June afternoon on the campus of NYU.

always look in the smallest of places
always see what most never see
turn your head
squint your eyes and blink.
forever look harder, deeper, and discover
that we all have places
that are hidden, obscured, or around the next corner…
but oh so incredibly and beautifully found.



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row row row our boat…

A row of summer boats
that want to take us away
but can’t
as they lay anchored in the safety of the harbor.

It is the gentle rolling of the vast like sea
that will give us the freedom to find the destination
as we row row row our boat…



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march twentieth

And then a warm day in March

(this twentieth day of March),

decides to tap her gentle fingers playfully to my shoulder.

She teases me that she will once again spin into

a piece of my fragile fateful future.

I wonder

If she will ever know that all is not always new,

That all is not fresh,

that all is not green.

She betrays the day before her,

now non- existent;

Cold yesterdays cannot casually be swept away as a kite

with her first whisper…

She taunts me with memories of windswept hearts,

classical music, pastels, cold rains, and swaying forsythia.

Her mystery becomes trumped by empty plates and missing chairs,

as laughter echoes on glances that are absent this year.

Her swirling stance stiffens

and her comfort all too brief,

As she blows her promise of tomorrow

across my aging face once again.


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the leaf.

though dead and dying still

i lay in curled carpets

to paint the grassy ground

my life continues briefly farther.

let final gasps of autumn’s wind

toss me higher to the somber sky

my dizzy dance remains

within a swirling mass

of fading crackling copper

and whispered wonder.

I’m chased in cantered cartwheels

and teasing twists

with silent squeals

across a country lane

toward my final place of rest

on forest floors of musk

to nurture life again.


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Dear Sunrise,

If I could ask you just one thing

I think I’d wonder why,

Without question

Every day

You push yourself to sky.

Reliable as summer’s rain

Dependable as moon,

You reach your warmth without condition

Into my afternoon.

I’d query why you never fail

Though clouds may try to hide,

Your glow, your strength, consistency

It HAS to live inside.

So this I ask, if just for me

Can I rise just as you?

To never mind the blackened rain

And see the world your view?

You slip away

At evenings call

Drop gently from the air,

Yet as you slide

To hidden place

I know you’ll still be there.

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I wish it would rain…

For just today.

Bring clouds of cleansing clarity my way

Soft pellets pushing at the glass

Make certain paths uncertain

with translucent ambiguity.

I want it to rain…

To splash such stagnant sorrow

From my head

Flood tightness from my chest

To breathe the taste of thunder

And shake me ever free.

Please let it rain…

And thrust that sun away

To cloak her sizzling heat

With walls of wet

To hide her glaring stare

I wish it would completely rain…

And soak me in new days

Of gushing purer vibrant thoughts

Of flowing futures

And drenched out pasts

To puddle perfect peace.


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